08/2005 - An academy took a title to edition of books "Crown and Trenchcoats" the "Grand Dukes", also this history will be put on the stage of theater and a movie wich will be made in Hollywood

10/2007- International Art work done by worldwide children and artists from over 180 United Nations Country, managed all 15 years by Lyudmila Bokova




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  President of Azerbaijan Mister Ilham Aliev and first lady Mrs. Mehriban Alieva more info >>


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Overview. Y23 ADVISORS is a VIP Honored member of the International Royal Academy of the United Nations and consulting group of top upscale specialists , who has extensive global marketing experience We provide a full spectrum of marketing research and project management services in Ex Soviet Republics including Russia , Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Republic of Georgia, Belarus, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Czech republic, and other countries like India, Brazil, Chile, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Morocco, Our expertise in various industries like Transport, Infrastructure, Real Estates development , including Architectural development, Energy, Health, VIP Corporate Travel and Hotel sales, Advertising, Entertainment ,Publishing

As a part of our services Y23 provide a form of discrete choice modeling, which we call New Age Philosophy Y23 helps clients assess the demand for new products and services, the impact of changes in features and price, the impact of new offerings on demand, and the true value of a brand. We can provide professional opinions on the major issues of that world market place with our real upscale network of associates and government relation to get things done on top professional level. We also help clients craft and execute winning value growth agendas

Y23 have a real unique approach combining econometric analysis with scientific experimentation allows marketers to better communicate with their customers—and substantially raise their marketing spend. Y23 Marketing Value engineering platform helps clients to realize gross profit improvements of at least minimum revenue increases or spending reductions.

We have also established strong connections and relations with governments and PR agencies in all of these countries and can represent our client in virtually every market. We providing to our clients the forum of ideas and expertise and world’s most distinguished and influential structure with vehicles for enhancing opportunity, collaboration, and understanding this particular part of the world, by using our know-how and great team of professionals

As you well know that traditional market research has limited value for identifying and exploiting new growth opportunities in our expertise region and only a unique approach integrates the insights and microeconomics of customer demand and company costs, enabling fully informed decision-making and rapid implementation.

As one of the premier strategy and operations firms, Y23 Advisors & Consulting Group helps leading enterprises develop, build, and operate strong businesses that deliver sustained shareholder value growth in the new lucrative market of the world Y23 proprietary business design techniques, combined with its specialized industry knowledge and reach, enable companies to anticipate changes in customer priorities and the competitive environment, and then design their businesses and improve operations to seize opportunities created by those changes in the fast moving world’s new areas of golden opportunities

Using our great professional level of licensed Attorneys we also can provide complete range of Legal services

Mission. Our key strength lies in providing customized solutions that best suit your needs. We work side by side with our clients and act decisively whenever our clients' interests are at stake.

Y23 can show you how attracting and retaining customers is a continual challenge for subscription businesses such as cable TV operators and cell phone service providers. There are dozens of possible tactics that companies can use to attract and keep customers, from adding product features to improving customer service The goal of Y23 Advisors and Marketing Group is to link customer satisfaction to sustained profit growth

We provide a full spectrum of integrated PR and marketing services including:

  • Representation services
  • Identify and match potential strategic partners
  • Promote joint ventures
  • Facilitate mergers and acquisitions
    Consult and advise on niche markets
  • International Investment Forums
  • Market research
  • Strategy development
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Event & exhibition management, seminars, conferences, forums.

Our clients immediately can tap rich worldwide network of political leaders, senior industrialists, top executives, venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, successful entrepreneurs, academics and scientists. We fashion innovative approaches to reach your goals will donate a minimum of 30% of all profits to promote educational and social welfare projects the world over.

Our Extensive Network :

  • Dr , Prof Ilham Aliev , PhD President of Azerbaijan Honored VIP Member of the International Royal Academy of the United Nations, nominated for Royal Academy highest award: GOLD ORDER “HONOR OF THE GRAND NATION”
  • Dr Edward Iosifovich Sokolinsky PhD in Law, Honored Member of the international Royal Academy of the United Nations , Moscow Russia member of Law colleague, Moscow Russia
  • Dr Prof Jores Alfyorov, Nobel Award , PhD in sciences Petersburg government advisor , St Petrsburg Russia
  • Duke Dr Valery Alexandrovich Malgin Dalmatov , PhD, Member of Royal Academy of the UN, Member of Russian Academy of Science, Moscow Russia
  • Dr. Alexander Mathew Sokolinsky PhD in Philosophy/Marketing, President of the International Royal Academy of the UN, New York, USA
  • Vahid Aziz, PhD in Fine Art and Literature, VIP Member of Royal Academy of the UN, and Academy of science of Azerbaijan, Baku Azerbaijan
  • Dr Vitaly Klichko, world heavy weight boxing champion, VIP member of Royal Academy of the UN ,Kiev Ukraine
  • Yuri Bashmet, PhD in Music, members of Royal Academy of the UN, Honored member of Russian Academy of Fine Art and Music, Moscow Russia
  • Lyudmila Putina, first lady of Russia, member of International Royal Academy of the United Nations
  • Her Excellency Olga Kulikovsky Romanoff, member of the Romanov Royal Family Foundation, Executive member of the International Royal Academy of the United nations
  • Duke David Chavchavadze, member of Romanov Royal Family Foundation
  • Tatiana F Faberge, Grand daughter of Carl Faberge, VIP Member of the International Royal Academy of the UN, Geneva. Switzerland
  • Alexy II, Russian Patriarch of orthodox churches, Moscow Russia
  • King Pele, PhD world famous soccer player,
Meetings of academicians
in Moscow. On June, 16th.
Everyday lives in Moscow
VICE PRESIDENT OF ACADEMY Vladimir Mikhailov and Nikos Safronov Honored Academy Member of Fine Art dept.
Director and the adviser Alex Fox , from Miami Beach Florida concerning culture of Latin America and Bill Clinton
Alexander Sokolinsky and Sir David Duchene director of Pierre Cardin Fashion House in Paris, France
General FSB Mr. Farber, Bishop Bogdan, Vice president of Academy special events projects Vladimir Mikhailov, ex Vice President Maria Bukhina, President of National Security Academy General Victor Shevchenko and Igor Seit Umerov Chairman of the board Royal Academy and Vice president of national Security Academy
Vice President of Academy medicine dept doctor Daniel Cherfas, Awarded executive Vice President of the Academy Victor Rashkovich, and President of Academy Alexander M Sokolinsky, PhD
Business meetings with directors and vice-presidents. Wall Street, New York