12/2006- VIP Honor Member in Washington more info >>

08/2005 - An academy took a title to edition of books "Crown and cloak" the "Grand dukes", also this history will be put on the stage of theater and a movie will be made in Hollywood more info >>

10/2007- International Art work done by worldwide children and artists from over 180 United Nations Country, managed all 15 years by Lyudmila Bokova




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  President of Azerbaijan Mister Ilham Aliev and first lady Mrs. Mehriban Alieva more info >>


The diploma of Academy 1 October 2006


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  Fish Processing  

…Any variation on the raw-to-ready scale, chilled or frozen, retail or food service segments.

Fish species raised: any fin fish such as salmon or halibut
Capacity of Sargo rearing tanks: 125 MT per tank per growing cycle
Number of Sargo rearing tanks per pod: 4
Capacity of Sargo 4-tank pod: 500 MT per growing cycle
Typical growing cycle for Atlantic salmon in wild 18-24 months; in Sargo Fin Farm
15-16 months
Staggered maturation dates for 4-tank pod: growing cycles to terminate every quarter for year round cash flow
Different species can be raised in the four tanks: Atlantic salmon in tank #1, trout in
tank #2, various Pacific salmon species in tanks #3 and #4 (see photos)
Typical feed conversion ratio: 1.2:1
Estimated installed cost of one-pod (4-tank) Sargo Fin Farm: $2.5-3.0 million
Typical transfer or wholesale cost by species in U.S. for farm raised fin fish:
Steelhead trout (per lb) $1.20
Atlantic salmon 2.00
Coho salmon 2.75-3.00
Arctic chard 4.00-6.00
Halibut 6.00
Output value of single pod (4-tank) Sargo Fin Farm for one complete growing cycle: 500 MT, Atlantic salmon @ $2.00/lb = $2.2 million
Estimated net profit 30% including cleaning and gutting of fish = $660,000

Fish Retailing

Day of Academy diploma Award of Yuri Bashmet in Millennium New York Center
Day of Academy diploma Award of Yuri Bashmet in Millennium New York Center
On June, 16th. Evening of culture in Moscow. Vladimir Mikhailov and stars of Russia.
Director and the adviser concerning culture of Latin America and Bill Clinton
Business meetings. Moscow, August 2006
The Duke David Chavchavadze and president of Academy Mr. Alexander M Sokolinsky PhD at Duke's house in Washington DC
General FSB Mr. Farber, Bishop Bogdan, Vice president of Academy special events projects Vladimir Mikhailov, ex Vice President Maria Bukhina, President of National Security Academy General Victor Shevchenko and Igor Seit Umerov Chairman of the board Royal Academy and Vice president of national Security Academy
Vice President of Academy medicine dept doctor Daniel Cherfas, Awarded executive Vice President of the Academy Victor Rashkovich, and President of Academy Alexander M Sokolinsky, PhD
Business meetings with directors and vice-presidents. Wall Street, New York
Business meetings with directors and vice-presidents. Wall Street, New York
Photo history of Academy
Photo history of Academy