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on behalf of the ROYAL ACADEMY to the posts appointment:

Dr. Alexander Sokolinsky, USA - General Producer, creative director & founder of the Bal

First Executive Vice President
Michael Shnirman, Australia

Art Director Nikas Safronov, Europe

Producer & Sound Designer, Mr.Lord of Sound Alan Howarth, Hollywood, USA


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  President of Azerbaijan Mister Ilham Aliev and first lady Mrs. Mehriban Alieva
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DIPLOMA of the Academy

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The International Royal Academy of the United Nations is the largest expert, scientific, educational, informational, consulting and cultural association. The Academy is an independent, international organization as UN, Nobel Committee, UNISEF etc.

The most outstanding persons and professionals are represented more than by 1000 members of the Academy all over the world. The structure of Academy includes more than a hundred of federations, branches, representations, divisions, departments, boards, committees, assemblies, councils, institutes, schools, magazines, leagues, centers, funds, unions, commissions etc.

Major tasks of the Academy are a progress and an expertise of scientific, technical, cultural and commercial ideas and decisions. Academy supports science, education, arts, and achievements in culture and sport, development of ratings system of organizations, institutuions, companies, specialists, historic and modern figures in the world.

The academy awards certificates, diplomas, degrees, ranks, prizes and medals; evaluates diplomas, holds presentations, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, seminars, pageants, forumes, business tours, carries out informational interchange; conducts the unique projects determining the development of modern scientific and technical progress, investment and sponsor's projects.

The academy helps: to expand communications for science, art, education, sports, business, politic, professional services;
to obtain international certificates, accreditations, scientific degrees;
to present to the international union, to the association and institute, to the laureates, winners of the Academy your achievements and your colleagues, children, your protégé, yourself (on nomination of the outstanding persons, experts, talents, pageants, inventors etc.) and to receive the appropriate certification.






Who We Are and What We Believe


The International Royal Academy of the United Nations headquartered in New York, USA is an unincorporated international association of self-motivated outstanding men and women living in all parts of the world who have one thing in common.


They want to get things done.


They may work in government. They may work in the arts or sciences. They may be professionals of one kind or another. They may teach. They may be in business or non-profit organizations.


They are drawn to issues of concern to the UN and seek its guidance where possible.


They recognize the breathtaking pace of expansion in science and technology. They see how globalization is spreading like water on the beach.    


They recognize there is a limit to personal knowledge. They recognize once in a great while there comes along a Michelangelo or an Einstein, who can see beyond the rest of us. Yet for most of us they recognize there is strength in association.


They recognize this Earth on which they live is big, 24,000 miles around. They recognize they can't be everywhere at once. Yet they know how to share their knowledge across borders.


They recognize that yesterday's institutions are oftentimes slow to act. Change comes hard for most of us. Yet they know how to explore new channels without collapsing existing ones.


They recognize they don't always have the luxury of seeing problems they want to solve at close range. Somehow they know how to turn those problems into opportunities.


They recognize the importance of reducing poverty and fostering economic growth worldwide. Achievement is difficult on an empty stomach.


They recognize and applaud diversity. The Seven Wonders of the World did not arise in one place.





The International Royal Academy of the United Nations now addresses these issues, events and opportunities:


1.     How to bring children together through music from around the world. Planning is underway for a concert at the front of United Nations Plaza and Metropoliten Opera in New York, Vatican, Paris France, La-Scala Italy, Jerusalem Israel, Bangkok Thailand, Red Square Moscow, Monte-Carlo, Plaza at Peking, China, Winter Palace. The world orchestra has 2,880 members and children form 192 members countries of the United Nations all under the age of 18.


2.     How to ease the world's reliance on fossil fuels. Planning has started for the Baltic Region's first nuclear power plant.


3.     How to assure a continuing supply of sturgeon and black caviar from the Caspian Sea. Plans are being developed for the area's first sturgeon farm.


4.     Where to train tomorrow's diplomats and international leaders. A new institute and curriculum are in the making for one of international's leading universities.


5.     How to supply quality grains in bulk and at low cost to the Caucasus. A proposal for modern import-export grain terminal and processing complex for a key seaport.


6.     Justifying development of new agriproduct storage, handling and processing facilities in Eastern Europe. Five-year studies of production, imports and exports of grains, flour and oilseeds by country.


Hr Dr of Finance Department Keith Scott
awarding Hr.Dr Sawang Jana with Honoree Doctor Diploma of IRAUN, Laos.
Who developed humanitarian program to finance and save many civilian lifes in Laos.

New project which we will develop together is a great economical development of Serbia, starting in 2017 in coloboration of Government of Serbia.
Also, Hr. Dr.Sawang Jana and Hr. Dr Keith Scott with Founder and President of Academy Hr. Dr. Alexander Mathew Sokolinsky will be involved in First annual Global Mayors Congress IRAUNF-GMC, 2017 where more then 5 000 Global Mayors will be invited for Global Exchanging Program to a better and safest World we are living, in following issues: Ecology, Economy, Crime, Culture, Finance, Municipal positive program, Alternative and Bio Energy, Food, Humanitarian programs and Health progress.














of the Academy


Meeting in Geneva with Tatiana Fedorovna Faberge, Alexander Sokolinsky and Serge Verquin Lamy
Honored member King Pele and Vice President of the Academy Serge Verquin Lamy in Geneva, Switzerland
Honored member of Academy Mirzakarim Norbekov and President Alexander Sokolinsky
Honored member Prince Albert and Executive Director of Academy Sherin Yousri in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Dr.Sokolinsky and director of a fashion house in Paris - Pierr Cardin- Mr.David Douchon, Paris

Honored member of Academy President Bill Clinton and adviser Alex Fox in Florida, USA
Honored member Sir Elton John and Executive Director of Academy Sherin Yousri. Meeting in London, England
   Press conference in Buttery Park, New York
Honored member, Producer, Composer, Sound Designer, Alan Howarth & president of the Academy Dr. Sokolinsky in Hollywood, USA
The Duke David Chavchavadze and President of Academy Mr. Alexander Sokolinsky, PhD at Duke's house in Washington DC
Academy work meeting in Moldova:
President of the Academy Alexander Sokolinsky (USA) - Dr.Stephan Helter Backfisch, Executive Vice President of Academy (global market development expert) Germany - Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil Sr.Savio Rafael Pereira, Brazil -
President of Soya and Cotton assocoacion of Monte Grossa Brazil Dr. Gillson Pinesso - former President of Moldova Dr.Peter Luchinsky, Moldova -
President of Soya Producers of Europe Ilya Goldberg (USA) - Dr.Sergio De Marco, President of the Cotton Assosiacion of Brazil - Mr Jose Maria dos Anjos, director of Ministry of the Agriculture of Brazil -
Vice President of Academy in Brazil and Canada Dr.Charlie Kasmiersky.

Academy associates and partners