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10/2007- International Art work done by worldwide children and artists from over 180 United Natiuons Country, manged all 15 years by Lyudmila Bokova




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Rubens, Peter Paul
1577 Siegen - 1640 Antwerpen


"Triumph", Oil
65 cm x 49 cm
Expertise: Prof. J.Muller Hofstede

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Administration of Fine Art

Victor Zinuhov lives an artist's life in pursuit of acquiring a vast resource of knowledge from disparate origins. This quest has culminated in powerful and arresting works of art. As a child, born in Kharkov, one of the oldest cultural centers in the Ukraine, he wrote poetry, played Soccer and Judo, studied Ballet and at age 17 enrolled in the Kharkov Art School. He furthered his studies in the prestigious Kharkov Art Academy. Upon graduation from the Academy he directed his talents toward painting and sculpting as well as creating monumental decorative art such as murals, relief, mosaic, stain glass. In 1984, he was admitted as a member to the USSR Union of artist. In 1986, he received a National Award of USSR Council of Ministry for sculptural composition. Ministries of Culture, of the USSR and Ukraine, acquired the Zinuhov painting for museums and private collections. Since 1990 his career took a new twist. He was admitted to the USA as an artist of extraordinary ability and now living in New York City. His work has been featured in many exhibitions and he was the recipient of the Artist Showcase award in Manhattan Arts International magazine. Zinuhov's dynamic paintings exude the pulse of a modern society and unleash deeply rooted influences. His exploration of Cultural traditions, music and various intellectual, philosophical and metaphysical sources of learning inspire his paintings. At 2005 became Honored member of International Royal Academy of the United Nations of the Fine Art Department, nominated for Gold Medal in Honor of Prince Mikhail Dmitrivich Romanov in 2007, by International Academy Presidium.


2004 Belenky Brothers Gallery, Soho, NY www.Belenky.com www.nrs.com
2003 "Brave Destiny", Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, NY www.BraveDestiny
2003 "Art++/Carnal/Forms" Globe Institute Gallery, NY www.globe.edu/ArtGallery
2002 "Art Splash", "Art Franzy", "Remembering", RAA, NY www.rockawayartistsalliance.com
2002 Museum of Fine Art, Kharkov, Ukraine
2000-2001 "Subvision Spirituals" Artyama Gallery, Tribeca, NY www.kolodzeiart.org
1999-2000 Nataly Art Gallery, Farmington Hills, MI
1998-1999 Hacienda Gallery, Nyack, NY
1997-1998 Art&Art Gallery, New York, NY
1996-1997 Hermitage Art Gallery, Roslyn, NY
1995-1993 Victor Art Gallery, Mineola, NY
1994 Tretyakov Gallery, Moscov, Russia www.museum.ru/tretyakov/
1994 OIA, Soho, NY
1994 Auction Bonhams Chelsea, London www.london-now.com
1993 13 Gallery, Soho, NY
1993,1995 Smithtown Township Art Council, NY www.stacarts.org
1992 Ambassador Gallery, Soho, NY
1991 ARTEXPO, Jacob K.Javits Federal Building, NY www.artexpos.com
1990-1993 Berman-E.N.Gallery, Soho, NY
1990-1991 Prince Art Gallery, Soho, NY
1990 Auction 'Arcole', Paris
1989-1990 'Eduard Nakamkin in fine Art' NY
1989 Art Fair - Stockholm, Sweden
1989 Auction - Helsinki, Finland
1988 Auction - Bologna, Italy
1976-1989 Artist's Union of USSR, Moscow
1976-1990 Participated in National Art Exhibition,USSR


2000 Manhattan Arts International, Winter Issue 2000 www.manhattanarts.com 'Urban Visions' Showcase Award Winner
1986 The National Award of USSR Council of Ministers for sculptural composition


2000 Manhattan Arts International, Winter Issue 2000 www.manhattanarts.com
1998 The Paths of Art in the Kharkov region 1938-1998
1986 The New in architecture of USSR.Book
1986 The Monumental decorative art of Ukraine. Book
1987 The Monumental decorative art and architecture of USSR. Book
1987 Ukraine Art. Book


ART Academy, Ukraine, Kharkov Master Degree in Art and Design
The President of Academy Prince Romanov and President CEO Alexander Matveevich Sokolinsky
Sokolinsky and director of a fashion house in Paris - Pierr Cardin- Mr David Douchon, Paris 2003.
The Duke David Chavchavadze and president of Academy Mr Alexander M Sokolinsky PhD at Duke's house in Washington DC