Day of Russia
in New York 2007

Friday, June 1, 2007
from 7 P.M.
to 11:30 P.M.

Special event on board of the cruise ship
“Cornucopia Majesty” (
pier 59)

For reservation and price, please call: 718.612.1755
or e-mail to us at: [email protected]

Reservations are limited.

Please respond no later than May 21, 2008



Member's of Academy ForEx Trade Conference on Wall Street, New York USA
on April, 2008

FCstone, Harold Larry Davis, Vivek Ready
Saby Upadhyay - New Zeeland
Y23 advisors,
Gennadiy Ilich Agarunov
BAIO Capital,
Iosiph Baburashvili
Royal Crown Capital,
Alexander Sokolinsky

Project director Mr. Moiseenko Igor.

Project: Investment Forum
in United Nations, New York USA


Project: Investment Forum
in Baden Baden, Germany


Congress house Baden Baden, Germany

 Monte Carlo , Monaco Kazakhstan  Investment Forum

 Kazakhstan Investment Forum , at ELLA Tower Tel Aviv Israel

Kazakhstan Investment Forum , at Imperial Building of Sao Paolo, Brazil,  2008

Russian Grand Priory of the Order of Malta  Saint John of Jerusalem.

Coming event at Cercle des Armees  in Paris, France.


International News of Academy Press center IRAUNPC

  President of Azerbaijan Mister Ilham Aliev and first lady Mrs. Mehriban Alieva more info >>






12/2006- VIP Honor Member in Washington more info >>

08/2005 - An academy took a title to edition of books "Crown and Trenchcoats" the "Grand Dukes", also this history will be put on the stage of theater and a movie wich will be made in Hollywood more info >>

10/2007- International Art work done by worldwide children and artists from over 180 United Nations Country, managed all 15 years by Lyudmila Bokova

2007 - What is WELL?


The diploma of Academy 1 October 2006




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Real Estate Business Art
Tourism Sport Forums



Dear Sir/Madam!

On behalf of International Broadway Fanta-Sea Dogs Theatre, Ltd, we are pleased to have the honored opportunity to make this exquisite and unique presentation to you and your Company. I do know you share our belief that the Broadway Fanta-Sea Dogs Theatre image is alive and well in the hearts of the millions people around the entire world. Our experiences and observations during the past years, as producers of Broadway Fanta Sea Dogs Theatre, have real taught us one strong lesson, that Dogs performing alive on stage conjures powerful emotions exert lifelong ties to worldwide families. The unique quality of the Broadway Dogs image spans all demographic barriers and appeals to very young, young and old, male and female alike. International Broadway dogs Theatre brings the beloved all kind of live dogs characters, music and well known stories to life in a large scale spectacular, designed for world family audience As an event, International Broadway Fanta-Sea Dogs Theatre breathing “LIVE COSTUMED DOGS ON STAGE “that is absolutely guaranteed to provide strong support for your ongoing marketing efforts We really look forward to discussing with you the possibilities of producing Live Dogs Performance in your country and establishing a long relationship with your Company.


Alexander Mathew Sokolinsky

Founder President and Chairman
& Operations & Chief Financial Officer

Read more...->

King Pele and Vice President of Academy Serge Verquin Lamy at Geneva Switzerland conference.
The President of Academy Prince Romanov and President CEO Alexander Matveevich Sokolinsky
Business meetings with directors and vice-presidents. Wall Street, New York

M Bukhina, F Kirkorov, Professor
Seit Umerov

Sokolinsky and director of a fashion house in Paris - Pierr Cardin- Mr. David Douchon, Paris 2003.
The Duke David Chavchavadze and president of Academy Mr. Alexander M Sokolinsky PhD at Duke's house in Washington DC
Meeting of Executive Vice President Mr. Gennadiy Ilich Agarunov and Mr. Tristam Antony in New York. Times Warner Brothers Center
Larry Davis, Alexander Sokolinsky, Gennadiy Agarunov - Meeting at Chicago Market Exchange
   Press conference in Buttery Park New York
Business meeting at the Universal Studio - Prince Michael Romanov, Movie producer Alan Howard, Financial adviser Sean Philipsson, President of Royal Academy Alexander Sokolinsky, Producer Yury Sherling

Academy associates and partners