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08/2005 - An academy took a title to edition of books "Crown and cloak" the "Grand dukes", also this history will be put on the stage of theater and a movie will be made in Hollywood more info >>

10/2007- International Art work done by worldwide children and artists from over 180 United Nations Country, managed all 15 years by Lyudmila Bokova




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The diploma of Academy 1 October 2006



The program is composed of highly professional professors and top managers who come from Peninsula Institute of Business & Technology, Business School of San Francisco & US Small Business Administration, professors from Berkley and Stanford. Among those who teach the classes are members of International Academy of Science, Industry, Education and Art.

The students get printed course materials in Russian and English.

The students get US diplomas of Peninsula Institute, Business Administration USA and Academy of Science depending on taken classes. Seminars, which are visited by top specialists and managers from different countries of former USSR, introduce people to US administrative system and resource management, values to US companies, etc. We help to start joint ventures, getting funds and investments, help to participate in international competitions, provide consultations.

The offered courses include:
Computers in modern business
Specifics of running business in US
American values. Technology
International business. Cultural differences.
International market.
Product markets. Trade rules.
Market research: principles and technique
Legal and financial basics of business
US financial system
Marketing. Advertisement approaches
Business English. Express course. New methods.
Business correspondence, standards, examples.
Business plan
Business protocol. Talks, meeting, conferences and seminars.
Basics of intellectual property rights. Patent. Copyright
US labor market. Visas.
Structure of US education system. Differences from other countries.
Small business. Introduction into Accounting and Taxes
Investments. Insurance.
Real estate management in US.

The students visit US companies, bank, trade centers, stock markets, medical, government and educational organizations which helps them to get connections and business networking.

Students, young specialists and their parents can get introduction to education options in US from academic and financial points of view.

Students get exposed to the new computer programs including:
Software to access Internet networks, e-commerce application. Ad pages design
Software for work in professional office including exposure to typographical applications.
Software for finance and accounting as well as for modeling and engineering

For education we use modern computer clusters which different types of peripheral equipment. After the graduations the students can get not only diplomas and materials (on both Russian and English) but also purchase computers they use to study at nominal cost (1200-1800 USD including software).

For those who want to work or make an internship in US, we provide a special course after which students get prestigious jobs in different area of business. We provide visa support.

We also have join two-week program joint with Peninsula Institute and Microsoft.

The President of Academy Prince Romanov and President CEO Alexander Matveevich Sokolinsky
Sokolinsky and director of a fashion house in Paris - Pierr Cardin- Mr. David Douchon, Paris 2003.
The Duke David Chavchavadze and president of Academy Mr. Alexander M Sokolinsky PhD at Duke's house in Washington DC